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Info4trakya is an information website for tourists, customers and business associates about Svilengrad region.

The site is translated into four languages ​​- Bulgarian, English, Turkish and Greek, making it unique in to the search engines of Google / bg, com.tr and .gr /. Our website is pleased to introduce you to the news that qualify for the first 4 places in the Google / bg, com.tr and gr / for those keywords – casinos, hotels, restaurants, shops and specific outlets. We prepare individual and optimization to rank your subject in front of competitors. Our site contains over 200 pages of detailed information about locations and more than 1000 photos of Svilengrad and regions. For example – casinos, hotels, shops, restaurants, nightclubs, business partners, security services and many others. We have to consider innovative in the field of guide. We constantly strive to expand our database on the internet and mobile technologies. So you can find attract a wider range of tourists, customers or business partners with a common goal – the desire to visit Svilengrad – Edirne – Alexandroupolis and the region around them.

The Business Owners – We believe that travel can bring to the people together to promote awareness and respect between them. Although we now accept advertising that does not change our commitment to provide the very interesting and useful information and travel tips to Svilengrad – Edirne – Alexandroupolis and the region around them. We guarantee over 20,000 unique visitors a month. As our client, your information will be published in our categories, with links to your website, to your contact details or Google Map, to reach directly to you.


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We are not only offering to help you catch the attention of tourists, clients and business associates, but also we are letting you advertise through emails, Facebook page and our Google plus.


“You get advertising in four languages ​​- English, Bulgarian, Turkish and Greek in three excellent sites optimized for advertising. Google in the search engines for the respective countries out of first place in the keywords that interest our customer’s translation is done by us and is included with the price. “